A visual model of personal fulfillment through balance:

Visually think of the path to fulfillment as a personal sphere, where fulfillment resides at the center of it.

The act of balancing ones life will put them at the center of this sphere.

Action and Discipline toward being balanced are what maintain you in this center.

Addiction is the antithesis to fulfillment. It can be seen as an external sphere that pulls you towards its own center, and will influence you to falter from your balanced path.

Addiction has uncountable spheres, some of which seem insignificant and are deceivingly normal, but those sphere's can be the hardest to identify and the most distracting.

If you find your self pulled or centered into a distracting sphere, you can always ask for guidance from others within their balanced spheres but remember; Only you can make the change toward centering back into the path of fulfillment.

The longer you have been in the path to fulfillment, the more likely you will be centered in it and the different gravities of addiction will be weak against you.

The healthier your body, the more rich the experience, the greater your sphere will grow.

One example of personal fulfillment is being one with the moment and continually feeling the transcendent beauty of all things without the distraction of addiction.

Examples: The gigantic painting inside the dome of the Duomo in Florence Italy is a good visual representation of this path through medieval Catholic eyes. The farther from the center of the dome, the farther into hell one goes. A visual for a group of balanced spheres is our solar system, (which owes its continued existence to balance) where the sun represents the most experienced sphere and each planet is a unique stepping-stone inward to the more experienced, and most balanced, center. They each have an individual path yet rely on each other for stability. If one goes outside the solar system's sphere, they become lost and in a void. This model is also seen with a single cell or atom where the nucleus represents balanced fulfillment and the outer parts are the spheroid path to it. It would seem the stable parts of our universe would not exist without this fundamental balance. These are all reasons why we should seek balance within the paths of our own lives.